Applying for college demands your students display a high level of self-awareness and the ability to express that understanding in personal statements and interviews.

  • How do your students define ‘success’?
  • What is a ‘meaningful’ life for your students?
  • How will they translate their goals as concepts into goals as lived reality?

Aspire-Inspire helps young adults navigate their transitions into college or university, with special attention to self-discovery and –expression:

  • Do your students recognize what makes them distinctive?
  • Do they know what stories are theirs alone to tell?
  • Do they know how to tell these stories effectively—in writing and in person?

Through Aspire-Inspire, students:

  • identify their most audacious dreams and marshal the resources to achieve them;
  • recognize and fully use their capacities;
  • explore and express their intelligences;
  • learn to take informed risks.

Aspire-Inspire offers programs and workshops to introduce students, families, and counselors/teachers to foundational strategies for these skills.

Families may seek individual guidance customized to the goals and interests of each student as they discern their life’s paths and ways to articulate and pursue them, both before their college years and as they prepare for graduate or professional school and the world of work.



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